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Bike Maintenance Clinic or ONLINE Webinar
Here are the Required Cycling Tools. These tools should be carried with you at all times when riding your bicycle. 

Through the Bike Maintenance Clinic you will get to use each of the tools and how they relate to your bike and fixing a mechanical.

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  • Valve adaptors
  • Multi-Tool with a Chain Break
  • Tire Levers (3)
  • Bike pump or C02 Cartridge
  • Patch kit
  • Chain Links for your chain 
  • Spare tube
  • Bike Bag


High End – Multi Tool WITH the Chain Brake

Cheaper – Multi Tool WITH the Chain Brake

What size of chain links should you purchase?
Count how many gears on your bike.
9 Gears = 9 speed chain links

10 Speed


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What we will be doing in the clinic.
Cleaning the chain – either on the bike or learning how to remove the chain
Cleaning the brakes – inspecting the brake pads or disc brake
Cleaning the front & back derailer – potential removal of the pully to clean the wheels
REMOVING & cleaning the back cassette

ITEMS Needed:

  • Cleaning Kit
  • Tooth brushes
  • Chain Pliers
  • Chain whip & Lock Ring Tool
  • Degreaser
  • Rags
  • Bucket
  • Chain Lube

Other Bicycle must haves

Easy Way to Clean your Dirty BIKE. Right after your ride.


Quick-release link for your 9-SPEED chain.

Quick-release link for your 10-SPEED chain.

Quick-release links for your 11-SPEED chain.

A great floor pump, a MUST-HAVE in the house if you ride bicycles on a regular basis. Designed for inflating any type of bicycle tire.

Designed to accommodate both Presta & Shrader bicycle valves. 

500 bike saddle bag s 0.4l
Designed to carry your bicycle tools and small personal belongings. 0.4l

300 1.5 l bike frame bag

Never forget a thing! Designed to carry your personal items and repair tools.

900 bike multi-tool

This multitool was designed to let you make adjustments or repairs to your bike while out on a ride. Chain Break attachment included.

700×23/32 60 mm presta valve inner tube

This inner tube is suitable for 700 mm diameter tires with a 23 to 32 cross-section and a 60 mm Presta valve.

plant-based bike chain degreaser

We developed this 100% plant-based natural degreaser for your bike drive train.