About Me

About Sylvie D'Aoust

MEET Sylvie D’Aoust, Lead Coach, Founder and Facilitator of the Extremely Popular 16wk Winter Road Cycling Program, for the past 15yrs.
And one of the largest Women’s ONLY Cycling Clubs in the Ottawa/Hull Region, since 2008.
Sylvie has dedicated the last 15+ years to participating in the sport of cycling and now she thrives as a coach giving back to teaching others.

She has founded on of Ottawa/Hulls largest women’s only road cycling clubs, since 2008 and has since created signature Online winter cycling skills programs that have attracted cyclist from all over the world.

"Introvert to Cycling Entrepreneur"

Sylvie has been featured on TV stations like Rogers, CTV News with Lianne Lang 2x, as well as being on CBC In-town and Out 2x, and Articles in the Metro News, Cycling News, Low Down and Back.

Clients Say that Sylvie demonstrates confidence & knowledge while encouraging us to succeed.

When Sylvie isn’t on her bike, She is enjoying time camping with her husband John of 10yrs and 3 kids, zenning out pulling weeds, and tending to her gardens while listening to her fav podcast.

She also has a real passion for canning and dehydrating garden veggies