BICYCLE maintenance clinics 2024

Learn how to use basic Bike tools, change a flat tire and more. 2hr HAnds-on clinic

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During this HANDS-ON Bicycle Maintenance Clinic, you’ll gain practical experience in various essential tasks such as changing a tire, removing and reinstalling your back wheel, adjusting brakes, mastering the use of each tool, and much more. There’s nothing quite as empowering as learning how to handle basic mechanical issues while out riding. By the end of the session, you’ll feel more confident to venture further on your bike without fear of encountering any mechanical problems.

Things you will learn in this HANDS-ON Clinic:

  • Remove the back wheel with ease
  • Change a flat tire
  • Adjust brakes
  • Repair a broken chain
  • Patch a tube & tire

– How to patch a TUBELESS Tire
– How to fix a bent DISC Brake

WIth these skills you will reduce the fear of cycling alone and build the confidence that you can handle a basic bike mechanical should something happen. You will LOVE learning how easy it is to take care of your bike and ride safely!


The TOOLS you will NEED for the clinic

Here is a list of the Bike tools you will need to buy for the clinic. Reach out to your local bike shop, they should be able to help you OR you can use this link to a shopping list I created for Amazon.


  • Multi-Tool with a Chain Break
  • Tire Levers (3)
  • Bike pump or C02 Cartridge
  • Patch kit
  • Chain Links for your chain
  • Valve adaptors
  • Spare tube
  • Bike Bag

    Shop for your Tools on 

ONLY: $49 per person
Small Group:  10 spots available

OUTSIDE: Tunneys Pasture-Government Complex, Scott St & Frederic Banting Driveway. Ottawa, ON

Centre Vorlage, Wakefield Quebec
Cascades Club, 100 Riverside Rd, Chelsea, Quebec
Tool Library, 877 Boyd st, Ottawa
FHACA-Fisher Heights Community Centre, 31 Sutton Place, Ottawa (Merival & Baseline)
Rooted Family Wellness Centre, 30 Edgewater st Stittsville, ON
RA Centre, 2451 Riverside,Ottawa, ON


Friday, March 29 @ 10am-12pm – Tunneys Pasture
Friday, March 29 @ 2-4pm – Tunneys Pasture
Register HERE : Sunday, April 7 @ 2-4pm – Tunneys Pasture
Register HEREThursday, April 11 @ 6-8pm – RA Centre, Ottawa
Register HERESunday, April 14 @ 10:30am-12:30pm – Cascades Club, Chelsea, Que
Register HERESunday, April 21 @ 9-11am – Centre Vorlage, Wakefield Quebec Attendees Will receive 30% off a Day Pass to stay and ride on all the trails at Vorlage. If the trails are open.
Register HEREThursday, April 25 @ 6-8pm – Fisher Heights Community Centre
Register HEREFriday, May 3 @ 5-7pm – ROOTED Family Wellness Centre- Stittsville
Register HEREFriday, May 10 @ 5-7pm – ROOTED Family Wellness Centre- Stittsville
Register HERESunday, May 12 @ 3:30-5:30pm – Fisher Heights Community Centre
Register HERETuesday, May 14 @ 6-8pm – Ottawa Tool Library
Register HEREFriday, May 17 @ 6-8pm – Cascades Club
Register HERESunday, May 19 @ 9-11am – Centre Vorlage, Wakefield Quebec – Attendees Will receive 30% off a Day Pass to stay and ride on all the trails at Vorlage.

Experience a Hands-On Bike Maintenance Clinic where you’ll master practical skills like tire changing, removing and reinstalling your back wheel, brake adjustment, tool utilization, and much more through immersive learning….


Taking apart the pieces to fix a flat and how the back tire goes on. Terry

While I did want to review how to fix a flat, I was really happy to get the tips on how to properly clean my bike.

More confidence in dealing with a wider range of potential issues.Yes, I got my questions answered.

What really should be in my bike bag and how to improve my abilities to fix a flat and a broken chain.

Honestly. Just learning to be comfortable in fixing my own bike from the chain to the flat tire.

How not to be stranded on the side of the road with a flat anymore… YAY!!

changing my own tire during the clinic (thanks!!!)…I’m 0.3% faster now lol…. yes all q’s answered thanks Sylvie.

Learning how to change a tire and how to use the tools correctly.

keep an eye out for the alignment of the parts as I am working with them and if I can try to practice it again soon!

Understand how to access problems, address them and then repair the issue if possible. especially flat tires or tubes replacements.

Everything I learned was essential to being an independent cyclist without depending on someone else to fix issues with my bike. The most valuable thing I learned was how to use and why you would need to carry a chain breaker tool. I’ve been a chauffeur many of times to people who have had their rear derailleur broken.

Being able to change your own tire is empowering and doable. Sylvie demonstrated confidence and knowledge while encouraging us to succeed.


I appreciated the low-key, helpful approach that encouraged the most basic questions. Sometimes I need to clarify the simplest thing before I can get my head around the bigger task. All questions were welcomed and participants helped each other. I’m ready for the road now. Thanks!

Excellent opportunity to increase your self-sufficiency! Makes me happy to be able to do more by myself

The clinic was excellent. It was a refresher for me, but I still came away with new knowledge. Highly recommend!

I was so pleased that I intend to come back for refreshers after practicing what I learned. So much useful information. This clinic shouldn’t be missed

Worth your time and money. Sylvie knows the biking community well. She is a wealth of knowledge, experience and her own bike club.

Feeling much more confident about dealing with my own flat tires on the road! Highly recommend!

This is a must take clinic for anyone who cycles. It has taken my confidence to a whole new level knowing that I’ll never be stuck with an unforeseen maintenance issue. Forget the YouTube videos, this is the only clinic that you need!

This clinic was very informative and the practical applications were just what I needed. All cyclists should take this course!

After riding for so many years, its about time I participated in an hand on bike-clinic. I truly learned alot about proper bike maintenance & problem assessment with steps & ‘how-to’ repair. Thank you!

The challenge with many of the bike maintenance workshop is either it is only theory and demonstrations by the trainers who have done that dozens times or for some of the hands’ on large group sessions that limit individual training. This session was a small group and plenty of hands’ on practice and Sylvie is a patient and passionate trainer.

Being able to change your own tire is empowering and doable. Sylvie is confident and knowledgeable about bike maintenance. Clearly encourages you to succeed.

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