ONLINE Cycling Skills coaching Winter training Monthly subscription


October 2022-April 2023
 Online Road Cycling Skills Coaching
Subscription ONLY

What your WINTER cycling training should like!

Consider Simplifying your Winter by joining an organized WEEKLY Cycling Program.
Get what you need to get improve over the Winter.
All you need is a bicycle trainer, heart monitor, and a bike computer with a cadence reader attached to your bike.
Or a Smart Trainer & Heart Rate Monitor.

*This is Your Fast and Easy Way to Becoming a Better & STRONGER Cyclist”

Convenient, professional, COACH Lead Cycling Workouts with a purpose
-Easy to add to your routine
-Show up, Learn and Implement
-FLEXIBILITY: being able to jump between sessions
-ZOOM Platform
-Learn how to train with your HEART RATE Zones & Power Watts
-Train to increase your speed
-5% to 20% reported IMPROVEMENT
-Supportive Facebook Community
-Access to a Level 3 Cycling Coach for questions
*This program is guaranteed to improve your PEDAL STROKE significantly* 

This VIDEO explains the details, for the ONLINE Winter Cycling Skills Coaching!

Everyone’s talking about online group cycling, right? 
We all know that you can’t get better without the right skills & techniques. But what almost no one understands about online group cycling is the concept of the 4 key pedal strokes

It’s not cycling alone in the basement that helps you become a better hill climber, it’s finding the right cycling coach. And that can happen even if you are using online programs, as long as you’re also enrolled in a quality cycling skills coaching program

Coaching & Benefits

  • Instruction from experienced Road Cycling Racer & Coach
  • Learn how to train efficiently with your HEART Zones
  • Heart Rate Zone calculator is provided, to establish CYCLING Heart Rate Training Zones
  • Program communication is conducted through a Private FB Group (will need to be on FaceBook)
  • Weekly training session.
  • Basic 4mo Cycling training program: outlines how to set up weekly training, to create balance
  • All fitness levels welcome and encouraged to register, BUT be ready to work HARD, to achieve your cycling goals
  • The full benefit of learning how you manage and use your gears on your own bike.
  • In class challenges
  • Skills Development – Class length 1:00hr
  • ZWIFT – Monthly Race/group ride that will reflect the skills from the month

Secure your spot, NOW!

MEET Sylvie D'Aoust, Lead Coach, Founder and Facilitator of the Extremely Popular Winter Road Cycling Coaching, she has been leading since 2005

2022 has been an exciting year for sure. September 2021, I participated in my first Gravel Event, which I absolutely fell in LOVE with and gave me a new reason to train over the Winter. 
Starting these coaching training session, always brings me back to the basics of cycling skills. By January, I was feeling strong enough to start putting in serious hours on the saddle and getting in 100km a month, turned into 100km every other weekend. This year I completed over 5 Gravel Races and through training this winter, I plan on adding more challenging Gravel Events next year.
The best part about coaching, is getting my participants ready to complete & conquer their own goals, by working & training together.
I hope you come along for this amazing training experience.

“Introvert to Cycling Entrepreneur”

No degree needed, driven by the pure desire that no woman should be left behind, Sylvie teaches skills, fitness, and maintenance so that everyone can belong to the pack.

Sylvie has dedicated the last 15+ years to participating in the sport of cycling and now she thrives as a coach giving back to teaching others.

She has founded on of Ottawa/Hulls largest women’s only road cycling clubs, since 2008 and has since created signature Online winter cycling skills programs that have attracted cyclist from all over the world.

Sylvie has been featured on TV stations like Rogers, CTV News with Lianne Lang 2x, as well as being on CBC In-town and Out 2x, and Articles in the Metro News, Cycling News, Low Down and Back.

Clients Say that Sylvie demonstrates confidence & knowledge while encouraging us to succeed.

When Sylvie isn’t on her bike, She is enjoying time camping with her husband John of 10yrs and 3 kids, zenning out pulling weeds, and tending to her gardens while listening to her fav podcast.

She also has a real passion for canning and dehydrating garden veggies


 16wk Testimonials – No names attached. Anonymous.

This is my second year in this program. I have seen remarkable improvement in my power and cycle fitness. The key to this program is that it is well structured and very intense as well, so you know you are getting a real benefit. Also, the instructor leads the sessions very well.
I really appreciated your dedication to the course. I loved the fact that you provided extra training on your website to make us more fit. Thank you.
Practical, learned pedal strokes, working in zones, the MAP test before and after very useful to know where you started and your progrès, great workouts, with fluff! Sylvie is a great instructor...great energy!
I feel more consistent with my ability to use a full pedal stroke. Looking forward to that first climb up to Pink Lake!
Finally got outside and did a first 20k ride last week. Felt great. Had power when I needed it. Fuller pedal stroke made a difference.