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Simi Silver
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This incredible woman runs a program that you can’t say no to! You do at your own pace and you never feel guilted into anything. Her exercises are gentle on your joints but get your body in great shape! And her cycling program is second to none!
Michelle Gauthier
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Sylvie is well informed and a great motivator and inspiration. As a mom with 3 kids, Sylvie D'Aoust is able to show that you can stay in shape while keeping a work/life balance. Thanks Sylvie!
Celina Gutierrez
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Sylvie is an amazing coach and very knowledgeable when is comes to nutrient timing and sports training. She wants nothing but the best for her clients and her years of experience in this field really shows. Highly recommend her!
Nicole Melanson
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I have been following her home routine for the last 4 weeks and I find her program very well formulated and easy to follow. I am new to the 50 sec sets with 10 sec rest and find it more enjoyable and effective. She takes the time to go through all of her routine and describes each very well. She includes proper form, breathing and stretching. Considering we are all doing this from our homes, her routines gives enough to be able to modify and still get the benefit of a great workout to start your day. Best of all it is FREE and full of important content. Highly recommend!
Zach Heydeman
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Sylvie D'Aoust is great to deal with she really knows her stuff. Which is one of the reasons I chose to deal with her for food and training. Whenever I'm trying to learn something or better myself my theory is to try and find out who is the best in the field and learn from them because even if I can only be 10% as good as the instructor then I will be better off learning from the best. If you want to get in better shape, or just start feeling better or having more energy in general, I highly recommend you give her a shout!
Margaret Ishler
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Sylvie is incredibly knowledgeable, has years of experience and most importantly has lived fitness and nutrition for most of her life. She is patient, kind, helpful, encouraging, funny, enthusiastic and flat out a decent and wonderful woman. She will guide you to being the best you can possibly be!
John Slocum
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Sylvie is a great motivator and practices what she preaches and catch her FB live events for some great tips and sometimes even some great laughs.
Irina Kreindel
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I took a couple of private cycling lessons with Sylvie and it made a big difference in my cycling. As a beginner cyclist, her knowlegable approach really helped me to push my limits. She helped me gain confidence on the bike, learn new techniques and left me with lots of drills I can continue to do on my own. I would highly recommended Sylvie for anyone looking to do improve their cycling skills!
Réal Cyril Nathan Andrews
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There is no better when it comes to Sylvie I have been coaching for 49 years and she is top of the Class. God Bless Réal

Winter Cycling & Fitness Training

If you are NEW to Cycling & Zwift, this program is for you.
 Skills Development, using Zwift.
Take the guess work out of the How, What and Where to increase your cycling performance and fitness over the winter.
We organize everything for you.
Scheduled Workouts
Goals Driven
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Cyclefitness : When Cycling & Fitness come together


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Why Choose my cycling courses?

After having cycled, race, and coached over 900 women for the past 13-15 years locally, I’m excited about sharing my knowledge with more women globally to help them love their bikes.
To ride safely and with confidence.

Online CYCLING Coaching

I offer online Cycling Skills Workshops, that offer the convenience of acquiring the Cycling Skills you need to know

Features of Our Courses
Fitness for Life & Cycling

While cardio is required, as women strength training is essential to building a STRONG body for cycling as well as overall long-term health. Make sure to sign up for my VIP Fitness Membership. Click HERE

Nutrition for a Life of Health

In my opinion, if you don't have a good knowledge of nutrition and engage in everyday healthy practices. To have a healthy body, requires 80% nutrition, 20% fitness. I can help you succeed, no matter what your health goal.

Secrets from the Saddle Podcast

As a Cycling Lover for the past 20 yrs, founder of a woman’s cycling club, ex-racer, team manager, race organizer….
I’m so passionate about Cycling, that I started a Podcast showcasing all the aspects of the Cycling World and what makes the Sport of Cycling Thrive.

What to expect

In addition to showcasing the many aspects of the cycling world, I’ll bring cool and fun interviews from:

  • Coaches
  • Racers
  • Pros
  • Bike Shop owners
  • Event Organizers 
  • So much more!

Numbers Speak

I’ve been enjoying a career in cycling since 2001, when I opened my Spinning studio – CycleFit. In 2008, I founded one of the largest Women’s ONLY Road Cycling Clubs in the region of Ottawa/Hull. Since then, I’ve been coaching and riding enjoying watching women grow in confidence on their bikes.

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Years of Experience

Years of Cycling, Fitness and Nutrition Experience.

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Happy Clients

From my Spinning Studio – CycleFit 
As a lead coach for women’s cycling club – CycleFitCHICKS.
I’ve watched hundreds & men and women florish in Cycling.

Programs & Training's

Since 2001, there are too many trainings and programs to count.


CYCLEFITCHICKS Women's only road cycling club

Sylvie D’Aoust Founder of Ottawa/Hulls largest Women’s ONLY Road Cycling Club.

2021 marks 14 amazing years growing this club.

The club is a place where women and girls can share their love for cycling in a safe, friendly, encouraging environment.

Where BEGINNER cyclists are welcome & EXPERIENCED cyclists are challenged.