SPIN Scan Analysis


$80 SPIN SCAN analysis: Because technique does matter!
Group Rates available.

Contact daousttrainingsystems@gmail.com to book.


This 1hr analysis can be done in the comfort of your own home or in the studio. The spin scan is conducted on the Compu trainer (CT). The cyclist will ride a CT course, that is linked to the CT Spin Scan. The spin scan software offers a multifaceted assessment of the efficiency of your pedaling based on torque, the balance of power between left and right leg, and the balance of power between pushing and pulling on the pedal stroke.

The analysis data:
1) your overall spin scan number for both legs and your overall spin scan for each leg
2) your average torque angle for each leg
3) the power split between your left and right legs
4) muscles engaged or not engaging during pedal stroke
5) muscle imbalances between the right and left leg

This information proves useful to confirm that a bike is properly fitted (or not), to identify imbalances in strength between legs, or to determine areas of weakness within the pedal stroke. If we can maximize efficiency and force, we can become much more efficient and powerful as a cyclist.

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