Cycling Coaching

D’Aoust Training Systems – Cycling Coaching

Coaching fees:

$125 for first consultation meeting:

  • discussion of race goals
  • past training and/or racing history
  • injuries
  • design of periodized goal oriented training plan
  • evaluation of bike set up
  • pedal stoke analysis

$100 per month for on-line training: using HRT zones

$150 per month for on-line training: using Power files

Min commitment is 4 months.

Individual Coaching
$60 hr Individual training session
Group rates available. Max 4 people

Outside or inside on trainers, can be any skills related training:¬†Hills, Time Trials, cornering, gearing, speed¬†…….. whatever you would like to work on, I can help.

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OTHER Coaching Services:

Maximal Aerobic Power(MAP) Testing:

$100 per test
Group rates available.
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If you are contemplating taking your cycling training to the next level, it’s important to have a base line, for which to gauge your training from ie: heart rate zones 1-5 and or power outputs in watts.