Personal Training

D’Aoust Training Systems – Personal Training Packages

Training packages at DEPOMP Fit Studio
Location: Lisgar and Elgin
$65 per session
$650 for 10 sessions

Training Packages for clients located in Chelsea, Quebec
Location: At my house in Farm Point
$50 per session
$500 for 10 sessions

PROGRAMS (6wks) only: For the independent client
Includes discuss on goals, to create the program.

– phone or face to face interview
– 4-6wk weight training program, designed according to your needs and goals
– a one-on-one visit with you at your  gym, to review the program
– on-line support

Look good and feel better about yourself!
If you’re goal is to loss weight, besides adopting a healthy lifestyle through nutrition,
a regular weight training and cardio routine needs to be put into place.

Changing ones lifesytle can be a HUGE undertaking, and I’m not going to lie, it is!
BUT you can do it!
Let me help you achive your goals off weight loss.

Before                               After

Reaching your fitness goal, is only a committment away!

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