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Nutrition Consultation Packages:
1. Grocery store tour-revamping your grocery list: $60/hr
2. Eating evaluation and recommendations-2wk period: $100
3. Healthy Eating consultation and weight loss intervention-Min 2mo committment: $50

This page is all about HEALTHY LIVING, balance, food, receipts, favorite links, mommy stuff and more….

Healthy living has not always been on the top of the list for me. As a smoker all through my high school years, I very often wonder how I ever enjoyed and participated in so many sports? Possibly I was looking for the perfect fit, who knows?

My cycling:
As you get older, you get wiser and sometimes it takes a long time to find and capture a passion. At the young age of 36, not 40, I finally found my passion and that’s cycling. I can’t begin to express the feelings of freedom I feel while on my bike, but it’s not all about the bike, but about balance in life.
As a mom, competitor and an entrepreneur, I have allot to say about balance in life and maybe I can make a difference in someone’s life through my blogs (to come shortly), mistakes, and experiences.

My fitness:
To accompany my main passion off cycling, there is the allure of fitness competitions. I have competed in three fitness competitions and I can only tell you, that through my training and coaching for these competitions I was taught so much about the importance of nutrition in a diet (and I hate saying diet) – day to day healthy eating (ah much better). It is truly amazing to know how much healthy eating on a regular basic can affect your weight loss, without you even knowing it. But as we all know this isn’t an easy task, because the final decision to get healthy lies within you and you alone. Without making that conscious decision to start making a change in your habits, there is no chance of success and yes I’m talking about weight loss!!!

We will talk more about ALL the above.

My family:
But last I must say that the importance of my family is first and foremost at the top of my balance list. And I think most of us can agree that if you’re not happy at home, all else fails to bring you happiness. Even going out for that long exhilarating ride or run only ever brings you immediate satisfaction, but once those happy endorphins have subsided, what is left? It is very important to ensure that the needs of your family are being met, both children and husband! More husband than anything, smile……however some ladies think that they have to give up their life for their family and this should never be! Everyone is important and everyone is deserving of being about to follow a passion.
I always said then I had my children, that I brought them into MY life, not me into their life. Therefore, we as parents are the mentors to our children and pass on our experiences and knowledge.

So this is my rant and I’m looking forward to passing along experiences, stories, knowledge of all the above to you over the next weeks, months and years to come.

Healthy Eating: Tosca Reno, is such an inspiration. I love her! Her books are asweome to read, she’s so down to earth.

THE ZONE DIET was my very first attempt at healthy eating and it worked. The book is technical to read, but the understanding of eating a balanced amount of protein, carbs and fat on a daily basis is very easy to understand and impliment. I really recommend trying the ZONE

The BEST on shelf fitness and healthy living magazine. Stop purchasing all those other FITNESS, SHAPE magazines and get a subscription to OXYGEN. Look past all the fit models and read the articles and try the receipts. This magazine has more useful information about fitness, weight loss and workouts that any other on the stands.