D’Aoust Training Systems – BIKE FIT

We are very proud to be offering professional BIKE-FIT in the Ottawa/ Hull area.

Consider how you feel on your bike?
As a first time cyclist or as someone who has been cycling for years, it’s never too late to get properly fitted on your bike.
Sometimes, these little aches and pains that are so often overlooked and ignored and develop into a serious issue later.
If, you experience any one of the below symptoms, you should book a BIKE-FIT soon.

– Do you experience and pain in the : lower back, shoulders, knees, hips
– Experience numbness in the : hands, feet
– Have a leg length difference
– Had a bike, car or other accident that has caused limitations
– Broken some bones: arm, wrist, collarbone, femur, foot….
– Experiences recurring or chronic saddle sores(soreness) on one or both sides
– Bow legged, walk toe pointed inward or walk toe pointed outward
– Or do your knees or one knee resemble the picture to the right

Realize that a true Bike Fitting goes far beyond the initial bike adjustments you will receive at your
local bike shop, when you purchase your bike.
We start our Bike Fits at the foot, taking the way you normally stand and transferring your stance to the
bike, which will make you’re ride so much more comfortable and enjoyable. You should NEVER have to ride in
discomfort EVER.
Allow D’Aoust Training Systems to fit YOU to your bike, not your bike to you.

YOUR PROFESSIONAL BIKE FIT details: Bike Fit tools include:
– Goniometer: Determines joint and body position angles
– Self-Leveling Laser Pointer: Connects the dots with extreme accuracy
– Forefoot Measuring Device: Measures degree of foot tilt
– Salsa Size O’Matic Stem: Determines length and degree for handle bars
– Wedges for leveling the cleat to the foot

Bike Fit includes:

  • Initial Interview to establish a cyclist’s profile, goals and history of past and present injuries or complaints
  • overview of the cyclist on the bike
  • Starting bike measurements
  • Bike and body measurement
  • Cleat and pedal alignment
  • Adjustments if needed
    BIKE-FIT: Foot
  • Laser tracking
  • Measure foot tilt
  • Install wedges
    BIKE-FIT: Saddle
  • Saddle height, and tilt, now that cleat has been adjusted
    BIKE-FIT: Handle Bars
  • Use of Sals Size O’Matic Stem to adjust length and degree of stem
  • Recommendations  for bike part changes if needed

 What you need for your Bike Fit

The more prepared you and your bike are, the smoother the bike fit will go.

– Bike (Road or Time Trial) which should be clean and in good working order, tires are inflated.
– Bike shorts, cycling jersey
– Cycling shoes

– Shoes and cleats need to be cleaned
– Cleat screws: need to ensure that they can be unscrewed. If the cleat screws are stripped/seized the cleats cannot be adjusted,
we will need to drill out the screws

Please make sure that none of the following are seized : Seat post, saddle, stem, cleats and peddles.

Rate: $280
CycleFit CHICKS: $250
Second Bike: $150
Youth Bike Fits: $175
Prices do not include parts

Duration for a Bike Fit:
2-4hrs, depending on the complexity of the bike fit.

All Bike Fits will be conducted in the comfort of your own home. I will travel to you house to conduct the Bike Fit.
**An additional charge may apply, depending on the distance traveled for a Bike Fit.

To book an appointment please contact me at:

phone: 819-459-2246


Sylvie D’Aoust is Ottawa/Hulls’s first certified BIKEFIT professional bike fit specialist. Sylvie comes from a multi sport background, but she has been and avid for the past 12 yrs and a competitive cyclist for the past 7 yrs. Sylvie also owned the popular spinning studio CYCLEFIT for 8 yrs.  She is no stranger to the cycling podium and has a National Cyclo-Cross 3rd place finish under her belt, along with a number of other podium finishes throughout her cycling career. Sylvie has also coached cycling teams and instructed many Learn to Ride and skills clinics, she has a keen eye for cycling, cycling skill and a good bike set-up. Sylvie has decided that it’s time to take her own experiences from her passion for cycling, racing and cycling coaching to another level and will now be offering BIKE FITTINGS as an additional service under her coaching business.

In the last 15-20 years BikeFit has risen to the become the leader in professional bike fit. Other bike fitters certified under Serotta, direct their focus on saddle height, stem height and cleat adjustments, while completely overlooking one of the main problem areas in cycling: knee tracking and foot tilt.

” When I had a spinning studio CycleFit, I remember instructing some of my clients to bring in their knee while spinning, or trying to get your knee to track over your second toe. Now, since I’ve become certified as a BIKE FIT professional, I know why some people have knee problems while cycling/spinning, it was never about their technique it was about, how there is a need to make adjustments at the cleat level to allow the knee to track in a straight line. It makes so much sense now!”                       Sylvie D’Aoust:  CYCLEFIT spinning studio owner for 8 yrs.

Up to this point, no one gave any consideration to the front view which led to a break-through in side-to-side cleat adjustment and observing knee patterns while pedaling. The Cleat Wedge not only addressed forefoot tilt, but it could also be stacked to help for leg length discrepancies. The pelvis and hands (additional key contact points) were finally being addressed.

In 1995 BIKE FIT developed the Cleat Wedge designed to address foot tilts and leg length discrepancies from the outside of the bike shoe.  The vast majority (87%) of cyclist’s feet tilt up to the inside.  Unfortunately, almost all cycling shoes, cleats and pedals take this natural tilt and force it flat.  This can generate knee pain, create a foot “hotspot” (where the inner or outer side of the foot feels hot) and diminish your ability to generate power.

Cleat Wedges® enable the cycling shoe to connect with the pedal naturally, by acknowledging the foot’s inherent angle.  This creates a neutral foot position throughout the pedaling cycle, resulting in greater comfort and power.

One thing we do not work with, consider or recommend, is orthodics. Orthodics are for walking and running, not cycling.